Grading specification

Please read all of the grading specifications carefully to ensure you select the correct grade for your device, incorrect grading will result in changes in the offer made. If your device has a case, then please remove this and check for signs of use.


All working devices (Grade A-C) must be fully functional and pass our diagnostics tests. We use Blackbelt diagnostics to test all devices – further information on Blackbelt diagnostics can be found here

Grade A - Practically Perfect

Grade A devices have no visible signs of use so are practically perfect

Grade B - Lived A Little

Grade B devices have lived a little and we expect that they’ll have some light scratches (by light we mean you can’t feel them if you run your fingernail over them and they can’t be seen from 30cm) but other than that they will be looking pretty good (no chips or dents).

Grade C - Well Loved

Grade C devices could have any of the following: deep scratches (can be felt if you run your fingernail over them and can be seen from 30cm), minor chips, small dents, discolouring or changes in the paintwork, but no cracks anywhere on the device. They will still be classed as working but will have obvious signs of use.


Grade D - On Last Legs

Grade D devices may be in any visual condition from Grade A - C but will also have some level of cosmetic damage, such as cracks and/or some level of functional fault that will be identified during our testing process.
Grade D devices must power on with a working LCD (screen).

Grade E - Beyond Help

Grade E devices may be in any visual condition from Grade A - D but will also have a major functional fault including but not limited to: broken/bleeding LCD, distinct LCD burn (this is where images are permanently imprinted on to the LCD), heavy water damage, no power, touch ID fault.
Grade E devices will fail our diagnostic and visual testing process