Please read these terms and conditions before submitting your order on our site. By submitting your order you agree to being bound by these terms and conditions.

About us

GoodBuyTech is a trading name of Mobi Market Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with the following details:

Company Number: 10160558

VAT Number: 245 5105 26

Registered Office:

The Derby Turn Building, Derby Road,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 1RS

We operate the website "GoodBuyTech.co.uk"

We also use the trade names “goodbuytech”, "Good Buy Tech", "Goodbuytech", and "Goodbuytech.com"


By submitting an order to sell a device on our site you must be:

  1. A resident of the UK
  2. Accessing the site from within the UK
  3. Legally capable of entering in to a binding contract
  4. At least 18 years old or have obtained consent from your parent or guardian to sell the device for the sum indicated via our website

On completing the order form for each device, you will be provided with a quote for your device. The order form must be completed accurately and you must update us if any information changes. If the order form information is not accurate you may not receive the full quoted price.

If you deal as a consumer any provision of this contract which is of no effect to a consumer shall not apply. Your statutory rights are not affected by this contract.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, “consumer” means an individual who neither makes this contract in the course of a business, nor holds himself out as doing so, as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

Before sending us a device

Before sending us any device, please read these terms and conditions carefully and ensure you have printed a copy for future reference.

All devices must:

  1. Be owned by you
  2. Be complete with no missing parts including battery / battery cover
  3. Have any PIN lock, ‘Activation Lock’ or iCloud Lock deactivated and removed prior to shipping - if any lock is enabled, we won’t be able to test the device as we will be unable to access any of the functions and the device will be deemed inoperable. Therefore, we will only be able to offer you 5% of the value.
  4. Not be crushed, bent in half or heavily liquid damaged
  5. Not be ‘jail-broken’ or have similar firmware alterations
  6. Be in its original manufactured condition (i.e. no replacement parts)
Data Risks and Precautions

Please remember you are responsible for cancelling any contract linked to each device. Please ensure any SIM and data cards have been removed prior to sending us your device. Any SIM or data cards received by us will be securely destroyed on receipt and will not be returned. We accept no liability for any charges which may be incurred if any device is sent to us with SIM or data cards. You will be responsible for all such charges.

Although we offer data removal certification with all devices where supported and technically possible we accept no responsibility in relation to the confidentiality, protection, security or use of any data remaining on the device when sent to us and it is your responsibility to ensure any such data is removed prior to sending to us. This includes any form of personal details, SMS, photos, games, songs or other data.

Please note it may not be possible to remove data from your non-functional device (faulty). If you send us a non-functional device you are therefore accepting that data may be accessible to any person who repairs the device. This may include any third party that the device is forwarded to for spare parts/harvesting and/or disposal.


All pricing offered on our website is subject to change at any time without notice and is inclusive of any VAT and other taxes which may be applicable.

All pricing will be guaranteed for 7 days from the order placed date. This is the date we send you the confirmation email and shipping details for your order. If your device is received after this period the current website price will apply. To avoid disappointment, we will remind you during the 7-day guarantee period.

If your device does not match your order criteria due to grading or functionality we will contact you with a revised offer. Revised offers will automatically be processed for payment if we do not receive feedback within 72 hours.

Testing and Grading

Each device will be tested using industry leading device diagnostic software and must pass as fully functional to be classed as a working device. This means all original features must be in full working order and show no signs of defect. Any functional defect with the device will result in the device being classed as faulty and either Grade D or Grade E based on the fault. All devices which pass the functionality test will be Graded as Grade A, B or C and valued based on the cosmetic condition.

Click here to review our Grading Specification after All devices which pass the functionality test will be Graded as Grade A, B or C and valued based on the cosmetic condition.

Any working device should:

  1. Power on
  2. Be fully functional
  3. Have a fully working operating system
  4. Have no cracks or chips
  5. Show no pixel damage or LCD defects
  6. Not be bent
  7. Include its battery
  8. Not have water indicators showing signs of liquid damage

Any faulty device should:

  1. Have no missing components
  2. Not be crushed, bent or snapped

All devices must be available to use with UK mobile network operators. Any devices locked to non UK network operators will be valued as faulty.

All devices must be deregistered from any associated accounts. We will contact you to request removal of any associated accounts so we can process the device. If we receive a device with the ‘Activation Lock’ still activated and you do not respond within 72 hours, starting on the day we email you the ‘Activation Lock’ notification, we will revise the price to 5% of the original offer value. You can choose to accept the revised value or decline it. If you decline, the device(s) will be returned free of charge to the registered account address.

All devices are checked via the Checkmend database to confirm the device is not associated to any level of loss, theft or insurance claim and has no outstanding claim of ownership by a third party. If a device is found to have a record that indicates it has been lost or stolen or we become aware of any other issue relating to its ownership, we will notify you by email and quarantine the device for an initial period of 28 days. Payment for the device will be withheld until the CheckMEND record does not show the device as stolen or lost.

If your device has a red flag against it, you will be required to contact CheckMEND to prove that you are the rightful owner of the device and have the lost or stolen records associated with it cleared within the quarantine period and/or resolve any other issue relating to its ownership. If, during the quarantine period the red flag is removed, your device will be processed and paid for as normal. However, if after the quarantine period has expired the red flag has not been removed then we are required by law to pass it to the Police or other law enforcement body to dispose of it and you will not receive any payment. UK legislation states that we cannot under any circumstances return the device during this 28-day period unless the red flag has been removed.

If we become aware of any issues you will be required to co-operate with the authorities and we reserve the right to withhold or cancel the payment.

If you have received payment from us for a mobile phone or device which we subsequently become aware of an issue relating to ownership, you agree to immediately reimburse us in full, within 72 hours following a written request by us.

We may disclose your details to the Police or other authorised bodies (such as, but not limited to, network operators and insurance companies) for the purpose of investigating or preventing a crime. By entering into this contract you agree to us supplying data for the purpose of the prevention and detection of crime, arrest and prosecution of offenders or for the recovery of stolen property.

By submitting an order you agree that any device registered complies with these terms.

Any devices will be returned free of charge to the registered account address if you reject any revised device valuations

Please note that all devices are automatically stripped of any boxes, screen protectors and cases upon receipt due to the volume we process, therefore we will be unable to return these.

We have the final decision regarding all device testing, grading and valuations.

Postage and Packaging

Delivery of devices is your responsibility. We do not accept any responsibility until the device is received by ourselves regardless of shipping option used.

All devices must be packaged in a secure manner as we accept no responsibility for any device being damaged in transit.

Deliveries should all be sent to:

GoodBuyTech The Derby Turn Building, Derby Road,
Burton on Trent,
DE14 1RS


Providing the device matches our terms and conditions and the device was received before 12pm we will pay your cash directly into your bank account by same day transfer. Please note that payments can only be made Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm (excluding public holidays).

Same-day payment may be impacted in events out of our control.